Crystal Rock

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Crystal Rock Holdings, Inc. the largest independent home and office distributor of its kind in the United States, markets water, coffee and other home and office refreshment products throughout the Northeast through its subsidiary Crystal Rock LLC. We bottle and distribute natural spring water under the Vermont Pure® brand, purified water with minerals added under the Crystal Rock® label, and our own Cool Beans® coffee. The majority of our sales are derived from our extensive route distribution system throughout the Northeast United States. We continue to set high standards in the bottled water industry through our technical innovation, commitment to the environment and by integrating our family roots into relationships with employees and customers.

Bottled water is a mainstream beverage and the centerpiece of many customers’ healthy living lifestyles. In addition, we believe that the development and continued growth of the bottled water industry reflects growing public awareness of the potential contamination and unreliability of municipal water supplies. Our water products and associated cooler rental service provide convenient, safe, and reliable solutions to our customers needs.

We sell our major brands in three and five gallon bottles to homes and offices throughout New England, New York, and New Jersey. In general, Crystal Rock® is distributed in southern New England and upstate and western New York, while Vermont Pure® is primarily distributed throughout northern New England and upstate New York and secondarily in southern New England. We rent and sell water coolers to customers to dispense bottled water. Our coolers are available in various consumer preferences such as cold, or hot and cold, dispensing units. In addition, we sell and rent units to commercial accounts that filter water from the existing source on site. We also rent and sell coffee brewing equipment and distribute a variety of coffee, tea and other hot beverage products and related supplies, as well as other consumable products used around the office. We offer vending services in some locations. We distribute the Cool Beans® brand of coffee throughout our market area. In addition to Cool Beans®, we sell other brands of coffee.

Our extensive distribution system and large customer lists afford us the opportunity to introduce new products that may benefit our current customers or appeal to new customers. From time to time we may capitalize on these opportunities by expanding our product lines or replacing existing products with new ones. In response to the increasingly competitive sales environment, we will consider distributing new products that we believe may enhance our sales and profitability.